Jeri Crinkle


European styling and attractive detail stitching.  Beautiful feminine skirt with contoured stitched waistband, detailed pockets and slimming center stitching with playful ruffles. Skirt is crinkle washed for a crinkled look.

Product Details:

  • Charcoal Black
  • Cotton 85% Polyester 15%
  • Hidden side zipper
  • Imported
  • Length is approximate and can slightly vary
  • The crinkle wash makes the skirt fit tighter. Crinkles will relax after some wear or iron the skirts for a relaxed fit.
  • We recommend a size larger for customers who prefer the crinkled look. 
  • Gentle machine wash in cold water
  • To keep crinkles: twist, tie and put inside an old pair of cut-up pantyhose
  • Air dry to keep crinkles
  • Closing out! 
  • Only size Medium 39" length left


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