Frequently Asked Questions

Measurements & Sizing FAQ's

How do I take my measurements to ensure proper sizing?
Please refer to the newCreation Measurement and Sizing Guide[PDF].

Are the measurements the actual measurements of the garment?
Yes. The garment is styled to fit modestly, and in most cases it is not necessary to order a larger size for a more modest fit.

How do I measure the length of a skirt?

Measure from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the hem.

How do I measure the waist?

Measure your natural waist, where the torso is the smallest.

How do I measure the hip?
Measure the fullest part of your hips, approximately 8" below the natural waist.

What is a Maternity Mid Belly?
A shorter, stretchable belly with an adjustable waistband. Very comfortable during the early part of the term. Depending on the preference at the latter stage of the term it can be worn below, above, and in some cases right across the belly. This style is also suitable for post-maternity and/or for anyone preferring a soft stretchable waistband.

What is a Maternity Comfort Belly?
A longer, stretchable version of a soft stretchable belly, which comfortably covers the belly throughout the term. Some customers shorten the belly after maternity to fashion it into a regular skirt.

Will a certain size always fit me the same?
Not always. As a general rule, the fit depends on the measurements, style and fabric.

Some styles may fit below the natural waist – dropping lower to the hip fitting a little tighter in the hip area.
A skirt without a waistband generally fits more comfortable. 

The body shape of a person will also determine which style will fit best, i.e. A-line, straight, or fuller style.
Type of fabric or cut will influence the fit. Natural fabric with a small amount of spandex to retain its shape is desirable. Knit fabrics are often more body-clinging. Skirts cut on the bias can be form-fitting.

What does it mean when you shows size 10-33 etc. for sizing?
10 is the size, and 33 is the length in inches. So 10-33 means it is a size 10 and 33 inches in length or 16-39 means it is a size 16 and 39 inches in length.

Inside the waistband of my skirt it shows a tag with the number 36. What does that mean?
There are two tags inside the waistband; the one sewn next to our brand tag (nC newCreation) identifies the size of the skirt i.e. 10 or XL, etc. The tag sewn below our brand tag (nC newCreation) indicates the length of the skirt i.e. 30, 33, 36, 39, 41 etc.

Product Availability FAQ's

How often to you restock?
We post new and restocked items every four months. Very seldom are we able to restock exactly the same item, as we purchase our fabric at the local market. When we find a good fabric we purchase all that is available at that time. Once the fabric is used, it is very difficult for us to find the same fabric again. We will remake a popular skirt in a similar fabric, or at times in a totally different fabric. For example, our Siri Khaki skirt is a classic and we have remade it many times, but the Khaki color may be slightly different each time we remake it.

How come you are out of my size, and when will you have it again?

The quantity we make varies with style and size, and some sizes sell faster than others. We do make a larger quantity of popular sizes and lengths. At times we guess right and have sufficient supply and other times a popular design sells out quickly and we misjudged customer's buying preference. It's a guessing game and not an exact science.

What sizes do you make?

We make Misses sizes 2-24 mostly in three lengths, i.e. 33", 36" and 39". We do have some select skirts in lengths of 30" and 41". Not all sizes come in three lengths but most do, based on customer demand.

Do you make Women sizes?

No. We are very busy trying to keep up with just Misses sizes.

Do you make Children sizes?

No; however, many of our size 2 and soon-to-come size 0 fit young girls, including our XS sizes.

Why don't you make more Modest Tops?

All our items are hand tailored and not mass produced. We could not compete with major department stores that mass produce tops.

Why don't you make Maternity Tops?

There is a wonderful selection of maternity tops available at reasonable prices. We could not compete with large companies specializing in maternity fashions.

Why is your Jacket selection so limited?

We make classic style jackets for customers to maximize their wardrobe to look attractive and well-dressed. Most of our jackets are fully lined and individually tailored. Jackets are costly to make and it is a challenge for us to compete with major department stores, therefore we are closing out our line of jackets and selling off our remaining stock of limited sizes.

Why don't you make Dresses?

Dresses are very individual and to accommodate a large group of customers would require a substantial investment of time and money.

Why don't you make Jumpers?

We've considered making jumpers. Currently, it is a matter of time and resources.

Why don't you make Swim Skirts?

Swim skirts are a specialty item, and there are several places that offer beautiful swim wear. One is our very good friend, Julie, at

Do you make Sport or Outdoor Activity Skirts?

Yes, we have a standard sport skirt available in black and gray. We have a summer sport skirt in brown that we are closing out.

Soon, we will be offering an activity skirt, mainly designed for snowboarding but useful for biking, boating or other outdoor activities. This is a modified version of our favorite skirt and tailored in water-resistant fabric.
Shipping and Handling FAQ's

What shipping options are available to me?

USPS (United States Postal Service)

What does "real-time" mean when selecting a carrier (USPS or UPS)?
Real-time means that the charges come directly from USPS or UPS based the "Ship To" address and weight of the order.

How are the shipping charges calculated?
The charges come directly from USPS or UPS and are based on weight and shipping address. We input an average weight of an item. For example, if an item weighs 1lb 2oz the system will automatically charge for 2 lbs. We are not able to input a specific weight for each size and the varying lengths, therefore we input an average weight based on the fabric and style of the skirt. Naturally denim skirts are heavier than silk or cotton skirts. If the available sizes of a skirt style ranges from size 2, length 33", to size 24, length 39", we use an average weight.

If I purchase more items is shipping less expensive?

Yes, two items are more expensive than three or more items. The system calculates three items or more as a Medium Flat Rate Box charge at $11.35 for USA locations. Five items or more are calculated at a Large Flat Rate Box charge at $15.45 for USA locations. Foreign destination shipping charges are based on weight and destinaton address.

The US Postal Services last rate increase was January 22, 2012. UPS determines shipping charges on weight and address location.